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Commission slots
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a place I will be posting fanart, as well as some other things I feel belong on tumblr (っ´ω`c)

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why big boobs suck



  • u want to sleep on ur tummy?? ha
  • need a bra that fits you? go a head and try, punk
  • thats a cute dress, it fits u perfect except for your giant melons that get in the way
  • unwanted attention from weird animalistic males
  • running??? u mean slapping urself in the face repeatedly 

My parents have been really mean to me lately and it’s starting to really get to me
I’m just really upset right now and kinda wanna fall asleep and never wake up

drew kenma for ruuari uvu

drew kenma for ruuari uvu

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chibi doodle commissions for saki of OCs!

I’m so hungry send food

doodle commission for karynagriffin13!

doodle commission for karynagriffin13!



So I’ve finally gotten paypal and I’ve decided to start doing commissions!
The majority of the info is at the top of the post. 

Some things to remember:
- If you want a detailed background, just remember that I’m not the best at them, and the price will go up a lot more and vary depending on what you request!
- Simple backgrounds I can do, for example (x)
- Animals and mecha are not my forté, But with lots of reference I can do it.
- I will draw nsfw to a degree, (so not too racey please!)
- I will draw OCs, fandom stuff, real people, you— basically whatever you want so long as you keep in mind the things above!

Currently 3 slots are open!

Please send me an ask if you wish to commission me! From there I will give you my email so that you can send me the commission details!

Also send me an ask if you have any questions!! I will be happy to answer them for you!

Before I start your commission, I will need to receive the full payment!

I weed people out who only care about my art by making stupid text posts

and then after they unfollow me I’ll post art

sketch commission for karynagriffin13 of her and her friend’s troll OCs

sketch commission for karynagriffin13 of her and her friend’s troll OCs